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Patent Searches & Examiner Interviews

Patentability Searches & USPTO Examiner Interviews

Patent Searches by former USPTO Patent Examiner

Before embarking on a long and expensive journey towards a utility patent, we encourage our clients to invest in a patentability search to see what has already been invented. Results of a well done patentabilty search can save thousands of dollars and years of time in the patent application process.

Our patentability searches are conducted by a former USPTO patent examiner who understands the class and subclass systems of prior art organized by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Accordingly, our search results are more targeted in finding relevant prior art references.

To get started, please complete and sign our Engagement Agreement. Please send the completed form to and include a general description of the nature of your invention (e.g., medical device related to suturing). Once we confirm there is no conflict on interest, we will send you an Invention Disclosure Form which you can complete and return to us along with the required retainer.

You do not need an NDA to discuss your invention with us. Here's why.

Examiner Interviews by former USPTO Patent Examiner

If your patent application has been repeatedly rejected, an interview with the patent examiner can signficantly boost your chances of an allowance. Who would you want on your team more than a former USPTO patent examiner? Why settle for anything less than an experienced practitioner who knows the ins and outs of the Patent Office.

We speak their language and understand their time constraints. We approach interviews with an appreciation for what examiners go through and seek a conciliatory tone in persuading them of our positions.