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Patent Applications

Experts in utility patent applications

Strong Patents Have Good Claims

Good claim drafting is our core competency. Your patents should extend beyond your initial concept to cover attempts by competitors to design around your IP. Understanding your invention is only the beginning of our process. We ask questions that others might not consider (e.g., How can a competitor design around this idea?). We also leverage our patent litigation experience to write and argue claims effectively for our clients. 

Custom-tailored IP

We start with your business goals and then formulate a cost-effective IP strategy that fits with your particular budget and timing. Through the effective use of patentability searches, provisional patent applications, non-provisional applications, and international PCT filings, we custom tailor your individual IP plan specific to your needs.

We can also help you obtain international patent protection by coordinating with our extensive network of foreign IP firms.

Flat Fees

We provide upfront estiamates and charge flat rates to eliminate any suprises in our billing. Deferred or discounted fees in exchange for equity may be available to select startups on a case by case basis. 

Technical Expertise

Here are some representative technologies in which we have patent experience.

Medical Devices

Drugs of abuse test devices
Medical packaging
Patient assistance devices
Sample collection devices
Surgical tools
Suture passers, guides
Valves, ports

Computer, Electrical, Hardware & Software

Artificial intelligence
Audio (speakers, assemblies, components)
Augmented reality and virtual reality
Cable modems
Cellular telephone technologies
Computer hardware
Computer systems diagnostics/troubleshooting
Database structure
Digital security
Electronic displays (LCD, LED)
Electro-Optics (photodetectors, LEDs, lenses, filters, lasers)
Internet-related business methods
MEMs (MEMs fabrication, MEMs based switches)
Mobile device technologies
Networking (wireless networking, optical networking, virtual networking)
Semiconductors and electronic component design
Social media
Video signal processing
Wearables and physiological monitoring devices


Automotive accessories
Carbon nanofibers
Cleaning devices
Dental devices
Food handling and treatment
Hand and power tools
Manufacturing processes
Powder handling devices
Smartphone accessories
Sporting goods
Turbine engines

Biotech, Chemical & Pharmaceutical

Biotech markers
Chemical compounds
Compositions of matter, methods of use, and treatment methods
Material sciences
Modified DNA fragments
Pharmaceutical formulations and treatment methods
Pharmaceutical life cycle management and patent term adjustments
Pharmaceuticals compounds
Research tools

Other Technical Areas

Aerospace systems (airplane control systems, electrical motors, bearing systems)
Baby, child and parent products
Consumer products
Insurance products and services
Novelty items
Solar energy