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Medical Device Sector

Innovation Capital Law Group represents medical device companies at all stages. Our firm regularly represents medical device companies that are involved with idea origination and prototype building. We represent these companies as they grow multiple streams of licensing revenue from their medical device portfolio. We also have a depth of experience in providing legal counsel to medical device manufacturing companies. Often times, the allocation of intellectual property ownership and revenue sharing structure must be analyzed and properly drafted to effectuate these deals.

Medical device companies simply cannot ignore their intellectual property or the intellectual property of others. Creating a new device or even a concept requires some investigation into both patentability and infringement. Whether you are planning on making the device yourself or licensing the technology to others, your customers and licensees may want certain assurances regarding the intellectual property aspects of your invention. We have prosecuted and litigated medical device patents.

Innovation Capital Law Group also has a robust legal expertise in structuring licensing transactions for medical device companies. In any licensing transaction, it is critical to delineate and properly structure the ownership of intellectual property, confidentiality provisions, revenue structure, indemnification and various representations and warranties. We can also help your company properly structure reseller, distribution and manufacturing agreements.