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Angel Investors

Since its inception, Innovation Capital Law Group has always created a practice around startup companies and angel investor financings. Especially in a struggling economy, many startups are forced and limited to angel investors as a viable source of cash infusion. We have helped our clients secure and close million dollar and multi-million deals with “super angels”, angel investors and angel groups in convertible bridge loan financings as well as equity rounds. Innovation Capital Law Group, without the exorbitant overhead of mega-firms, can also help startups close deals of much smaller amounts by capping our legal fees. This often makes sense for many technology companies that do not need as much cash infusion to get to the next level. We also regularly represent clients receiving funding from various angel groups such as TechCoast Angels or Pasadena Angels.

Our attorneys have close ties with the investment community and often use their knowledge of “standard” deal structure to negotiate a fair deal for our clients. We also represent numerous angel investors and angel groups.